Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 In Review

The year 2013 is less than twelve hours away from being over (depending on where you live).  As we approach 2014, looking back at the-year-that-was seems appropriate. 

I like to divide the year into two categories.  

There is My 2013 and then there is The World's 2013.

Today I’ll focus on My 2013 and tomorrow I will look at The World's 2013...maybe the day after tomorrow if tonight gets a bit dicey.  

My 2013 was filled with moments of struggle, strife, and chaos. All of that crap can threaten your perspective of a year-under-review if you look at it from the muck of your boot-heel.  But by comparing year over year, the gains are more obvious.

Here are the highlights:

Physical Fitness 

Began 2013 at a high of 182 lbs.  Ended the year at a low of 164 lbs while lifting weights on average 4 days a week and sprinkling in cardio here and there.  


Formed pubshelf from a series of pre-existing marketing and publishing entities with my business partner Tom Humphreys.  We started with one client and through word-of-mouth and being lucky enough to work with extremely talented writers we were able to help dozens of writers achieve more than half a million books sold since March.  

Speaking of books sold, I finally broke more than 100,000 books sold or downloaded  (of my own novels) halfway through 2013. This was possible thanks to a small but amazing fan base that helps me through my days by believing in my work. 

All 25,000 of you that show an interest on Facebook, Twitter, etc - you really do keep me motivated.  

Thank you for that.

Family and Friends

I started the year with one niece and ended it with three nieces and a nephew. 

The year began with my Dad being a single man and ended with him being married to a lovely lady and another sister being added to the family.  She is engaged, so soon I will have another brother as well.

I also caught up with many friends throughout the year, whether that was traveling to the UK a half dozen times on business or going to six different weddings. I thought that would have me in the clear moving into 2014 but three weddings have already popped up for the next year. I guess I will get to use my airline miles.

Which brings me to my next topic...


Started the year in Florida. Ended the year in Florida.  But in between I went to six states and three countries.

Books Out

Started with two books published and ended with two books published.  This is a real let down, but I thank you for your patience.  I have two books that are nearing completion and my vow is to have both books out by March.  Ashes to Ashes, should wrap up An Upstate New York Mafia Tale, the trilogy, and The Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax will show a different side to my abilities as a writer.  Both are moving along quickly and I believe that in March we will have doubled the total from the beginning of 2013.

That's it for my personal updates. The next blog will take a look at The World's 2013.  I won't give too much away but I promise you this... I won't mention Twerking.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Movember Update 2/3 Done!

Just posting a quick Movember update for those of you that are interested in our lip sweaters so that we can "change the face of men's health".  This has been a fun exercise in hair growth and slightly reminds me of having to take care of an egg in home economics classes way back when:

Getting a group of men to keep their mustaches for thirty days is not as easy as it sounds but, now at nearly three weeks into the flavor-saver fun, finally everyone seems to have fallen nicely in line.

It may have taken threats.

Cajoling may have been needed.

Promises to certain ladies may have been made.

Gifts given.

But the results speak for themselves.

Just take a look at these monuments to masculinity in mustachio form!

Titans of tangled testosterone!

Unfettered follicles of fame! (Don't hate on the Pope in the top left.  He has blond hair but it is actually a nice full stache.)

Hope our mugshots keep you entertained -  happy Tuesday!

TTFN Denmonites!


Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Movember Update Day 12

The men have really started to separate themselves from the boys and what a difference a week makes in turning a Movember Hero into a Movember Zero. As this tale of the thistle ticklers gets deeper into lip doily development, I have promised to keep you updated.

This week's hero is No-Man Notheis for standing tall in the face of friends fleeing him just as the action heats up.  Nick shares an office with last week's hero, KanYe-Wheezy who shaved a grizzled man growth off of his giant chin.  However as the month has heated up and his cheek hugging affectionate friend has inched its way back onto his face, KanYe has found it hard to depart with the familiar fuzz.

KanYe Today:                            

    Before Being Called Out               Ashamed of Himself

Nick has gloriously grown this guy over the last 12 days:
It's too bad his compatriot felt compelled to cower beneath the comfort of his forbidden beard.

Meanwhile the rest of the crew has held up to their end of the bargain and as of yet there isn't a welcher among them. K-Swoll even got his license renewal with the stache! If this man doesn't deserve a hero award I don't know who does.

K-Swoll cemented this look for the next 8 years, until his license expires or he conveniently misplaces it.  Though let's be honest, no one is trying to deal with the Department of Motor Vehicles unless they absolutely have to...

Mine has developed nicely, and though I am no stranger to facial hair, it has been a while since the stache got to stand alone amongst the stubble of my face.  It is enjoying the attention of being conditioned each night, combed, and then rubbed with evaporated milk and silky oils imported from India.
 And then there was Tom. Despite a 14 hour trip to London, and a same-day back to Wales (due to vehicular issues) trip, he still managed to make the most of his lip-titan.
He looks remarkably like Edward Scissorhands
Some of you may be asking about The Pope and though he didn't get the picture in on time, word is he looks very close to this guy:

TTFN Denmonites!