Monday, February 2, 2015

Author Spotlight: Allison Christie

Allison Christie, a Twitter connection of mine, has long been trumpeting the independent author horn as loud and often as she is able.  She has read and reviewed countless writers over the last few years and that is why I was happy to hear that she was jumping into writing her own story.

Her debut offering has received eight reviews of 5 stars and I have a feeling she is just getting started.

It is with great pleasure that I spotlight her here:

 Love & Lost
The most pink ever on this blog?

The back of the book -

Set in the fictitious British seaside town of Humburley, Abigail Milan, now 86, regales her home health aide with her younger self’s story of how she meets her first love, Allen Marco Eaton. Abby tells a story that breaks taboos, bristles with the electricity of first love and physical passion. Her tale is one of heartbreak that will take you on an emotional journey not to be missed.

About her -

Allison Christie Keeps Calm and Carries on by writing.  When Allie is not spending time with her family, you'll find her writing romantic fiction for the modern woman.

While it's often said, it's five o'clock somewhere, in Allie’s time zone that means hanging with the horses she loves; her retired Scottish highland pony Monarch and her little rescue, the very naughty Ferris.


Kindle Edition £1.99
Paperback        £5.89 

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