Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Top 5 Worst Fears

People are scared of all sorts of things but only a select few have the notorious distinction of making the top 5 all time greatest or most common fears list.  I'll post those five but then I will post my personal top 5 fears.  It will be interesting, to me at least, to see where there is overlap.

1) Fear of Flying

Yikes.  This picture can't be real...

2) Fear of Public Speaking

Imagining the audience in their undies is supposed to work....
...what if it just turns you on?

3)  Fear of Heights 
I imagine this goes hand in hand with the fear of flying.  I am pretty sure
no one is afraid to fly...just the possibility of falling from such a height.

4) Fear of the Dark

I would never admit that...

5)  Fear of Intimacy 

I figured this would be more Freudian and on the subconscious 
level versus an actual fear that could be listed...

The rest of the top ten are rounded out with (in order): Death, Failure, Rejection, Spiders and Commitment.  Some of the top ten seem to be very similar to me such as Rejection is usually a type of Failure, or at least is associated in the minds of those that fear one or the other.  Commitment and Intimacy go hand in hand if you ask me.  I have only two or maybe two and a half fears that match up with the top ten.  But later this week I will share my personal top 5 for your amusement.

I will give you a hint as to one of my fears, and it involves a red nose.  It is not Rudolph nor is it an alcoholic, though both of those might throw me for a loop if I was caught off guard.  Could you imagine running into a drunkard riding on the back of an actual flying reindeer in the middle of an alley at midnight?  

No thanks.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

For Nothing film adaptation Interview

As you all know the novel For Nothing is being adapted into a screenplay by Sir Thomas Humphreys of Wales.  The magazine Side B recently interviewed him about his writing style, current works, family life, etc.  His interview contained large portions of dialogue about For Nothing including how we met, his thoughts on the book, the screenplay, etc.

Feel free to give it a read.  It is insightful as far as Thomas' writing process, flattering as far as my work is concerned, and generally pretty entertaining.

                               The Interview with Side B 

“What no wife of a writer can ever understand is that a writer is working when he’s staring out of the window.” - Thomas Humpherys 

LH: Let’s talk about “For Nothing”: How did you get involved in writing the adaptation of Nicholas Denmon’s novel? Were you approached or did you seek it out? Had you read the book before writing it–I’m assuming you eventually read it to in fact adapt it.

TH: Where do I start with Nicholas Denmon? I was introduced to Nick about a year ago through a mutual friend; we connected on that wonderful writer’s tool, Twitter. He was an author, I was a screenwriter, so eventually his book came up in conversation, I was already working on a couple of scripts of my own at the time and in, I think, May of this year I flew out to Florida for just under a month to get away from the distractions of life here and concentrate on rewrites. I find my own company is a lot more bearable in 90 degree heat, sat next to the pool at the house there. [Click for entire interview]

Friday, January 6, 2012

5 things I wonder about 2012

2011 is behind us and so far 2012 seems to be much of the same.  Politicians are squabbling, books and movies are being created and read or watched.  I still work for a living, no one handed me 20 million dollars to relax for the rest of time. My cat still walks on my keyboard....

So as we move further into 2012, here are 5 things I wonder about:

1) Are the Mayans right?  Is this the last year of our existence?  If so, than my diet is pointless....just saying Mr. New Years Resolution tab keeper, you f@cking prick.

2) Will a company called Skynet emerge and are we REALLY only 17 years away from the post-apocalyptic world portrayed in Terminator?

3) Where are the damned hover boards and flying cars we were promised in Back to the Future 2?  They have 3...THREE...3 years to get us that shit before 2015. By the way...we seem to be pretty far off from the time machine too, which should have been made about 28 years ago.  Though it is possible one exists and reality is constantly changing around me...

4) I wonder if 2012 will see the end of the Buffalo Bills playoff drought.  It has been 12 years of futility and no other team playing has a current streak that long.  Not even the Detroit Lions.

5) What ridiculous trend will inspire children everywhere, as well as some fragile adults?  Over the years we have been graced with Pogs, GigaPets,and more recently Silly Bandz.  Kids these days are not near as cool as those of us that remember Glo Worms and LiteBrite.

Have a great 2012!