Thursday, December 18, 2014

Shopping Denmon Man-Style

After posting earlier in the day about how I did most of my shopping online this year, and how nice it was to avoid the mall so far this holiday season, I was immediately turned into a hypocrite by the convening of The Council of Denmon Men.

Each year the men in the family pick a night to go forth and buy presents, unencumbered by the various females that are in the lives of the Denmon Men.  This year we broke that rule, somewhat, to meet my uncle's lady friend, and seeing as how they came from New York for the occasion, it was the least we could do.

As is the tradition, and purely because it is tradition, we met for the customary beverage of The Council of Denmon Men -- namely anything with alcohol in it.

 Helps to numb the pain of empty wallets

Afterwards, we contemplated lining up at the Frozen grotto so my uncle could take a picture.  But then he admitted he hasn't even seen the movie and the only bit he knows is "Do you want to build a snowman?" We ultimately nixed the idea and moved onward with our journey.

It doesn't have to be a snowman

We wandered around the mall for a bit, not sure where to stop off, but ultimately we ended up where we end up every year when you convene The Council Of Denmon Men, the hallowed ground of Victoria's Secret..and Bath and Body Works...and Macy's.

After our exhausting journey, it was time to replenish our strength, so we ended the night at Blue Martini.  The live music and alcohol rejuvenated us enough so that we were able to make our way homeward.

Uncle, Brother, Me

Me, Pops, Uncle, his Missus

Another successful meeting adjourned.


Many of you have been emailing me receipts for donations to St. Jude and All Childrens.  I can't thank you enough for your generosity.  I have 37 books to give out so far this year, and I would love if we could make it over 50.

37 books that I have to give out means a minimum of $925.00 to these worthy institutions.

If we can crack 50 novels, we will eclipse $1,250.  

Alone, we can do much that is good. Together, the sum of our good works will be great.

"Great things are done by a series of small things brought together." - Vincent Van Gogh

TTFN Denmonites!

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