Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Accident schmaccident

Wow.  Writing everyday is certainly a challenge.  Things come up that you would never expect.  The cat knocks the computer over, hence my blog title.  Lightning knocks the power out.  Or in the case of last night, the little lady gets in an accident because a blue-hair with vision problems was speeding home during rush hour and texting on his cell phone while trying to figure out his GPS.

To be honest, I was amazed this elderly gentleman could even handle half of that and still stay on the road.  I wasn't even mad; just impressed.  I was home at 6:41 pm and was looking forward to an uninterrupted block of writing somewhere in the realm of three hours.  Then the call came.

Her: "I'm alright, but I was in an accident."

Me: "Are you okay (even though she just said she was)."

Her: "Yes, can you come and get me; I think the car needs to be towed".

Me: (Irritated since I know she is okay even though I don't mean to be) "Yes.  It will take me a minute though because I need to get gas."

Her: (Freaking out as the accident catches up to her mentally) "Just get here! The police are on their way and its getting dark out."

Then she hung up. 

So I got out of my writing chair in front of my Mac and drove to pick her up.  Three hours, four phone calls, and five arguments later (because I am not always sure how to handle frayed nerves that choose me as a target even though I do things that make me an easy target) we roll into the drive way with some fast food (take that diet) and all creativity on hiatus for the remainder of the evening.

Stupid real life obstacles.  I wonder sometimes if these inconveniences are just a crutch to excuse myself from the work and my daily writing goals.  I can never be quite certain which ones are valid and which ones are conjured up due to convenience.  I have noticed a trend though.  When I stick to my diet, I stick to writing.  If one facet of my life is strictly regimented, then other aspects of my life follow suit.  Self imposed structure is critical.  Therefore, I will write yesterday's quota along with today’s quota so as to ensure a sense of commitment and consistency in the craft. Wish me well!

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