Friday, February 18, 2011

It feels like high school all over again...

...since I am losing my virginity, my blog virginity, all over again!  This blog is going to be dedicated to my ramblings as a 'wanna be' author and the trials and tribulations that come with trying to get my stories into the hands of well as anything else that, ehrm, pops up.

This blog begins as my first novel ends.  I have finished one full-length novel, that was promptly butchered (in a good way) by my editor Thomas Bernardo.  He gave me many tips and insights that could apply either to my rewrite of novel number one, or to a whole new adventure.  Seeing as how my first novel was a slow burn that took over four years of stop and go work, suffice it to say I have grown weary of it and am looking to explore new ideas that seem to pop up in my head uninvited. 

Now, because I know you will ask, I will spend a moment discussing the title of this page, "Cat Get Off My Keyboard".  If you own a wondrous little furry friend that eats bugs, throws up regularly, or seems to lick herself as much as she sleeps; then you already know.  My title refers to my kitten (kittens?  I will never admit to the second since that would make me a cat lady and I am a guy) who no matter where I hide myself and my laptop instantly decides that SHE belongs on my lap instead of said computer. Very well.  You win this round cat.  Now rue the consequences of having my blog dedicated to your nefarious actions.

I have to admit, I am enjoying this too much.  Often times the process of brainstorming and completing a novel can be a cumbersome one.  Then, when you get through that adventure, you end up in a situation where you probably thought the novel was done, sent out an ill-advised query letter or fifty,  heard about an editor, who then told you your story rocks but "let me show you these weak spots and structural errors so you can write it all over again". This usually happens just as your first wave of rejection letters clutter up your in-box, mailbox, or whatever box can house the device that can so destroy your soul. It can be a very humbling, grating, exhilarating, joyous, fearful occasion.

So writing, just to write, is nice.

On that note, enough of this fun writing, time for me to get back to outlining novel number two. In case you were wondering, it has nothing to do with novel numero uno which is a mafia crime thriller.

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  1. Funny - how lucky is your cat!

    And dont lose heart because of yr editor's feedback - cuz feedback is like a brick - u can sink a dead body or build a house - i suggest u build the house and keep writing cuz you are truly gifted! MashaAllah