Friday, May 20, 2011

America's #1 Crime Novel? Nicholas Denmon ?

It has been a whirl wind of a week.  Midnight editing, blogging, twittering, facebooking, formatting, and (when time allowed) writing has kept me from much of a social life.  Social life not internet related.

My novel, For Nothing hit the e-market this weekend.  The Kindle, the Nook, and all other e-readers should be carrying For Nothing.  The e-reader version is priced very cheap at just $0.99 and I figure that is fair for people taking a chance on an unknown product. I have sold close to thirty copies so whoever is buying my novel, thank you. 

I hope it's not my Dad buying one every day. My mom doesn't know how to use a computer so I am safe there until the print version comes out.

 As the readership increases, I will experiment with raising the price to $2.99.  So the point is, jump on the bandwagon now and save a couple bucks.  After all it is the best crime novel in the world.  The best mafia crime novel in the world ever Nicholas Denmon.

As a side note, I have "America's #1 crime novel" in my twitter heading, fan page, etc; and one gentleman (who also writes crime novels) took issue with it.  Here is his quote:

CENCORED May 20 at 12:59pm Report
I think touting your book as "America’s #1 crime novel” is way over the top. Saying it doesn't make it so.

Saying it doesn't make it so, unless it is a matter of opinion.  I gave my Dad a mug for Father's Day once (or was it my brother? Never mind that now) that said, "#1 Dad".  That was #1 in the whole world too, not just America.  I didn't get a letter from some Dad across the way disputing my claim.  Sure there might be a better Dad out there, unlikely but possible.  But it doesn't really matter does it?  I think he is, and I am well within my right to call him, #1.  So it goes with my novel.  I believe it is America's #1 crime novel ever Nicholas Denmon.

I explained to the gentleman that I didn't claim that it was America's #1 bestseller.  I also explained that it was clearly a way to market it and have some fun.  He backed off and now we are Facebook friends.  So it's official.

Suck it.

Moving on....

The print edition is available this weekend.  When I have the link I will post it here, on Facebook, and Twitter, and ...well you get the point.   Starting Saturday or Sunday, I will be getting back to work on my trilogy and outlining the sequel to For Nothing, America's #1 Crime Nicholas Denmon.


  1. Just visiting! Thought I'd say HI!

  2. Your book sounds pretty interesting, I'm always looking for new thrillers to read, I'll definitely check it out! (:

    -Ellen Trieu

  3. LOL! There's nothing wrong with believing in yourself and your work, Nick. I'm about 30% through it, and I love it. So go ahead and say it's the best crime novel. I won't hold it against you at all.

  4. How much for a signed print copy? anything under a million dollars sounds reasonable for America's #1 Crime Novel.