Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everything prevented me from writing...even me

This weekend has been nearly a wash as far as writing.  To be sure, I have some more time tonight to hammer out "make up" work, but all things considered it was a tough weekend.  I knew there would be things that would get in the way, but life is full of unanticipated surprises.  Is that redundant?  Can surprises be anticipated?

I guess they could be, but that would defeat the purpose.

Just so you know what I am talking about, I set aside two hours to write last night.  At 9:30, I sat down, turned on my computer, loaded up my WIP, and my outline.  I cracked my knuckles, turned twitter off, went to iTunes, put on some Tom Petty, everything was ready to go....

and then....

My Mac decided to inform me I needed a Microsoft Word update.

Thinking that this shouldn't take long, I agreed to the update.  Only now the update paused at 75% and informed me that Safari, Microsoft Word, iTunes, and my outline program all had to be closed to complete installation.   Then it had to reboot.   Then it paused with 1 minute left for installation for 15 minutes. 

"ARG!"  I said. 

Still moderately determined, if not truly motivated anymore, I rebooted the computer.

I reloaded my programs, cracked my knuckles, and then...

Safari informed me it needed to update.

I could not believe it.  So I updated Safari, which took ten more minutes, and through all of this my 2 hours became one hour.  I wasn't feeling it.  I was mad at the computer...

Things like this happen all the time.  It ruins my flow, and I am convinced it drags my writing process out two to three times longer than it needs to be.

Oh and then my lovely kitties; they do things like this:

I can't even get mad at that though.  (Look at her.  Doesn't she look like she is actually reading?) But they do have an uncanny ability to know just when to complicate things even more. 

Anyone else get these minor inconveniences that just add up and add up to week long extensions of your deadlines?  It really is, well, unreal.

In other news, I took a breather today and caught a Rays game.  I promised a pic of the seats and here it is:

Now I am seriously off to write for a bit.  Game of Thrones, episode three, comes on tonight.  So I have to hit this WIP up before that comes to the front of Distractionville.

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