Monday, February 6, 2012

My 5 fears

Well as promised, here is the add-on to my previous post where I wrote about the top 5 fears and anxieties of the greater population at large.  Here are my top 5 and to be honest some are just anxieties, not actually terror.

For instance:

1- Clowns.  I distrust clowns.  Maybe it's because I can't tell what they are thinking behind all that make-up.  Maybe because I wonder why they hang out with small kids and hide their true identities.  From my perspective only superheros get a pass on the hidden identity thing.  Clowns...they suck.  A psychiatrist might think it was because I read Stephen King's novel, It. But I would probably chalk it up to having seen this f'ed up movie much too young.

2- Hospitals.  They smell funny.  Sort of like sepsis and rubbing alcohol.  Oh, and expensive bills for opinions that I could have told myself.  Stomach ache?  Indigestion.  Headache?  No one knows...stress or eat better or guessed it...indigestion. You heard your ankle snap?  You can't see the podiatrist until your general physician verifies its broken and refers you.  Sorry, by the way, you might have digestive issues.

3- Funeral homes.  You would think it would be graveyards but it isn't.  I hear about people who live in the funeral home.  Family lives on one side, Dad does his work in the basement on dead bodies.  F@ck that.  Reminds me of Six Feet Under and My Girl.  My Girl made me hate funeral homes even more and further associate them with tears...don't judge me.
4- Speaking of basements...I hate those too.  I guess it is a combination of the dark and the unknown at its root.  But I am not scared of the dark nor the unknown so much. But when you combine the two in a dank smelly basement of a 100 year old house I get a bit uncomfortable.
5- Last but not least- Being stuck in a nightmare.  Another fear you can blame on bad television or that one time I thought I had sleep paralysis, but not waking from my sleep and being stuck in some continuing nightmare for all of eternity freaks me the f@ck out.  Thank you Freddy Krueger. Thank you to all those people who said the best way to die is in your sleep.  You have scar(r)ed me for life.


  1. 1: i hate the film It , really... beacuse of it i pushed my clown plush above my wardrobe and he hasn't moved still.... shouldn't have been written.. i can't imagine how many children have been traumatized by that

    2: hospital... each week for me during several years... and now after my father had to be there for 7month had a state going worse till the end i can't go without being terrorized


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    all the best

  2. Thanks for following the Hollows! So I'm following you to. Man we share the same fears other than the last one. The one thing that being stuck in a nightmare if you know you are in one. Is that you can then control it. Since its in your head.

    Mine would be spiders and bugs. lol I hate them.

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  4. Haha! I love your list. I've never understood the fear of clowns, although I am familiar with the aversion to the antiseptic smells of hospitals. Freddy Krueger was the beginning of all my fears! Children should not be allowed to watch that stuff. I still get the shivers when I think about Nightmare on Elm Street *shudder*.

    Thanks for the follow and I'm following you back:)


  5. I am terrified of clowns because of watching that movie when I was little! Everyone I tell that to just laughs at me but whatever..clowns suck *shudder*

    I also hate nightmares and Freddy Krueger.

    The only other things that cause me anxiety are spiders and

  6. What was worse than the clowns in that damn movie was the damn cotton candy cocoons. Those scared the crap out of me.