Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Top 5 Worst Fears

People are scared of all sorts of things but only a select few have the notorious distinction of making the top 5 all time greatest or most common fears list.  I'll post those five but then I will post my personal top 5 fears.  It will be interesting, to me at least, to see where there is overlap.

1) Fear of Flying

Yikes.  This picture can't be real...

2) Fear of Public Speaking

Imagining the audience in their undies is supposed to work....
...what if it just turns you on?

3)  Fear of Heights 
I imagine this goes hand in hand with the fear of flying.  I am pretty sure
no one is afraid to fly...just the possibility of falling from such a height.

4) Fear of the Dark

I would never admit that...

5)  Fear of Intimacy 

I figured this would be more Freudian and on the subconscious 
level versus an actual fear that could be listed...

The rest of the top ten are rounded out with (in order): Death, Failure, Rejection, Spiders and Commitment.  Some of the top ten seem to be very similar to me such as Rejection is usually a type of Failure, or at least is associated in the minds of those that fear one or the other.  Commitment and Intimacy go hand in hand if you ask me.  I have only two or maybe two and a half fears that match up with the top ten.  But later this week I will share my personal top 5 for your amusement.

I will give you a hint as to one of my fears, and it involves a red nose.  It is not Rudolph nor is it an alcoholic, though both of those might throw me for a loop if I was caught off guard.  Could you imagine running into a drunkard riding on the back of an actual flying reindeer in the middle of an alley at midnight?  

No thanks.


  1. None of the above really bother me. The Dark is a whole different monster since I went deaf. Never used to creep up on me. Imagine closing your eyes at night and you can't hear a sound, it's pretty close to being in an isolation chamber, cut off from all your senses. The only difference is your not locked up in a chamber you're vulnerable. Here's the thing, I can't sleep unless it's totally dark.

    I'm guessing the red nose is a hint you don't like clowns. Porcelain dolls are high on my creep factor, that and not breathing. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Public speaking is my number one...
    Spiders gross me out, and they must be killed if they are in my house.
    Clowns are creepy, but I don't think I actually fear them.
    Not afraid of death at all, but there is a heck of a lot of stuff I'd like to accomplish before the grim reaper pays me a visit...just sayin.