Tuesday, November 5, 2013

I Hate To Love My Pals -Mustache Amended Post

A "no-show" mustachio in progress, a man from the depths of Georgia, forgot to send in his photo yesterday. No-Man Notheis rectified the situation today, but did so with a bit of a shot at me since the University of Florida Gators were a bit toothless in their efforts against the Georgia Bulldogs last week.

While I hate to do it...

It was a pretty good shot and so I appease the victor.

The correct term is "Jorts" though.  Everyone knows that...at least in Gainesville, GA. Also, we have yet to play Vanderbilt, but as of this post I can say, "At least we haven't lost to Vanderbilt."


As you can't really see his pristine face, here is a close up:

Visions of the GA victory dance in his lenses.

And after letting his hair grow about 5 days we end up with:

I don't know....What YOU talkin bout Willis?

If and when we get further updates I shall post accordingly.  The next mustache update for the bulk of the group will be Monday as I think we all agree that some time is needed to cultivate these staches before we present them to the public again.  The last thing we want is our upper-lip follicles to get a case of stage fright...

TTFN Denmonites


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