Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My Proof copy of America's #1 Crime Thriller came in...

My book before it is placed in its rightful spot...

As the print release for For Nothing gets ever closer, I was excited when I came home from work and saw a curious package on my doorstep.  I scooped it up, ran inside and opened the very first copy of my novel in print.  Hooray!  So I have it, I like it, what's next and why is it taking so long to get the book in print?

Straight answer?  I found a way to make the novel cheaper.  Almost half the price and it still maintains the quality I demand.  So unfortunately, it took a little longer than expected, but if I can save everyone ten bucks on the purchase, I thought it necessary.  

Speaking of my novel....

I was interviewed this week by Patti Roberts.  The link is here.  

Also, I received another excellent review on For Nothing and it was the tenth consecutive 5 star review.   That review can be found here.

And finally, on book news, I added my novel to an ebook platform called  and on this site, my novel is the most viewed for the second day in a row.  If you want to take a look and keep that streak going to three days, please click on this link.

The more clicks, the more exposure, so don't be shy!

One final note...more blog/book related than just book related.  I will be hosting a blog party.  The blog party is really a contest of sorts and it is called (get this) PARTY 'TIL YOUR HEELS FLY OFF: MEGA AUTHOR BLOG HOP TOUR - Now, I have been assured that even though mostly lady authors are doing this...(it consists of a contest where I give away free ebooks, decorate my blog consistent with a theme, and influencing a good old time as far as reading and winning goodies)  I am allowed to put a boot or something other than heels in the title...

My blog party theme is a Mafia induction ceremony.  So be ready for that.  I will also be giving away free ebooks, and perhaps a signed regular copy of my book to the people who win the blog contest.  The rules will be announced later this week but it will be something easy like entering into my raffle by posting a key phrase on my fan page, blog, etc.  The more places you post, the more raffle entries you get, you dig?

And that is it for today my friends!


  1. All very exciting :)

    The book looks great. And... ten 5-star reviews? Can't say I'm surprised. You deserve it. Congratulations.

  2. Congrats!

    Even if people were to judge this book by its cover - they would think its interesting and certainly worth reading =)

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