Thursday, June 23, 2011

PARTY TILL YOUR HEELS (Err...Boots) FLY OFF WINNERS -The results are in!

Well folks, we have winners from the Mafia Initiation Blog Party!  As promised we have awards to give out!

These folks swore by "oath and blood" and were initiated into the Denmon Familia and were thusly entered into our fun raffle for free e-books!

The winners are (sorry if the names are misspelled, mismatches of your real name and blogger name, etc.  Some of you posted in various places under various names!):

Victoria Krauchunas

Jean Patton

Ashley Welborne

Cullen Confection

and Genevieve Begg

Congrats on winning your free e-book copy of America's #1 Crime Novel, For Nicholas Denmon!  Please email me at nicholasdenmon08 at gmail dot com and I will give you a coupon for the free download!


There is a GRAND PRIZE winner!  This person (among others)  Went to all of the various listings- Goodreads, Facebook, this blog, etc and swore the oath!  They were then entered into a raffle of other readers who jumped through the same (fun) hoops.

Congratulations RENEE BENNETT!  You win an autographed paperback copy of For Nothing! Only the Best Fiction Novel Nicholas Denmon!  Email me at the above address with your mailing information so I can have your book mailed out to you!

For the rest of you who did not win this time....STAY TUNED...I hear there is a July giveaway as well!!

For Nothing

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