Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Optimus Prime's Oscar Worthy Performance

I hope everyone had a great 4th of July.  I know I did.  Friends and family made the long trek to pay homage to the Great Grill at my home as is customary for the 4th of July.   Hamburgers reigned supreme with not a single guest interested in the charms of hot dogs.  I can’t say that I blame them, as I found myself shaking from the meat-sweats after my third cheeseburger.

We had the normal 4th fair with hamburgers, anti-pasta salad, blueberry crumble, baked beans, apple pie and ice cream, cookies, potato chips, and the smattering of fireworks in the distance.  All while the Rays got shutout on T.V. in uninspired fashion.

But it was fun celebrating the 4th with family and friends and I even received some well wishes from my international pals.  My buddy Thomas Humphreys, who is Welsh, sent me a happy 4th message on Facebook.  Here is the exchange which I found humorous in a Braveheart meets The Patriot sort of way:
Thomas 'Frodo' Humphreys July 4 at 3:21pm Report
Happy 4th July to you and your fam, bro! how's it been?

Nicholas Denmon July 4 at 7:54pm
Thanks! Surprised you follow the 4th out that way!
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Thomas 'Frodo' Humphreys July 5 at 4:02am Report
Ha I love the 4th man! 1st time in a long while that I've not been in the states for it... Gota love anything that celebrates people escaping the english lol
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Word.  We should definitely have a “War of 1812” celebration too if it means more hamburgers all in the name of being American.


Arguably better than July 4th.  Why?  Because I saw Transformers: Dark of the Moon with my older brother Chris.  We watched the cartoon growing up so the last few movies have been another trek towards a Mecca of sorts as we meet up at the local cinema and partake in the glory that is Transformers. 
This was my brother’s first time watching a movie in 3D and he was in awe of the difference it made.  At one point I looked over at this 32 year old man, father, husband, attorney extraordinaire and saw him with his thick lens 3D glasses on, staring up at the screen with a box of sweet tarts in one hand a Monster Energy Drink in the other hand, mouth hanging open.

Unfortunately, he was not able to make his way to my 4th of July gathering so I had to settle for this text the next day:

Piece of Poop (yes he is in my phone that way):  Oscar worthy performance by optimus.  Still thinking about it.

I have to say I absolutely agree.  IF he doesn’t win, its just another instance where the committee is showing animation or CGI bias.

Also, the new transformer girl, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is way hotter than Megan Fox.  See below:


And if you disagree, I am pretty sure my brother will challenge you to a nerd slap fight as soon as he is done watching all three Transformers movies in a row.


  1. Monster energy drink? Lies! You know they do not sell such things in theatre. Trying to get me in trouble with my blood-pressure-monitoring wife again..

    We pulled off the black 3-d glasses look just fine, imo. Kind of like Tommy Lee Jones and Will smith in Men in Black. Only better looking.

  2. Absolutely agree! Transformers 3 was AMAZING! And Optimus definitely deserves an Oscar! Although... I did pretty well cry when I thought Bumblebee was going to die... Yes, I'm a big girl. I swear I heard all the men in the cinema gasp too! I swear it!!!! =D Finally, indeed, from a female's perspective Rosie is WAY WAY hotter than Megan Fox. Just saying. ;-D