Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Treasure Hunt Blog Hop Winners!

Well they say when you want to bury a body you should bring along a shovel and a few bags of lime.  The gangsters who follow this blog know what I'm talking about and I am pretty sure a few of this month's contest winners were in on the Jimmy Hoffa disappearance. 

Essential Gangster Supplies

Quite a few people entered the contest and went on the search for Jimmy Hoffa's body, and by the activity on this blog, my Fanpage, and on Goodreads - a fair amount of holes were dug in the wilderness hoping to solve the mystery of his resting place.  But in good mafia fashion those of you who know where he is, kept your mouths shut.  A book apparently wasn't enough to bribe you into ratting on your fellow Denmon Familia members (by the way that was a suggestion for the name of those who follow my blog and fanpage etc and I think I like it!  What do you think?)

But since I am the Don in this enterprise only a select few of you get a cut of this month's take.  Your participation, as always, was amazing but there are winners and there are losers and the winners for this month's blog hop are as follows:

Electronic Book copy of For Nothing

J. Barrett
Nikki aka Sherri McCarver
Helen Seely

I have already emailed you so please email me if you did not get your coupon code


Super Gangster....


Fan-tastic member of the Denmon Familia (will it stick?)...

SONIA REMO aka Momma Elk!!

Sonia please email at nicholasdenmon08@gmail.com to collect your prize.  I will need your mailing address!

For the rest of you, there really are no losers, because it was fun wasn't it?  And there just might be another contest NEXT month!  So how bout that?

Of course you can always buy a copy of the book if you are impatient.  Check out my website HERE and click the book cover to buy it!

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  1. thanks for picking me as a winner. your book is the winner, more to come :}