Monday, August 1, 2011

Movies Based on Comics Are Taking Me For Granted and Why Shouldn't They?

The weekend is usually a good time to relax and rinse away the rigor of the work week.  But every so often you have so much to do or have so much fun that you are actually more tired on Monday than you were on Friday.

That is pretty much how I feel today.

I had a going away dinner for my brother Rob who is becoming a Customs Border Patrol officer on Friday.  So the evening was full of good food and drinks as we toasted him a farewell before he leaves for months of training and then to wherever they decide to place him.  It was a good time and you can't help but be happy for someone who gets something they have been working towards for a good long while.  But part of you is also sad to see them go.

Four of us brothers lived here in the greater Tampa Bay area just three short months ago, but now only two of us remain.

Ah, the price of growing up and moving on.

So in good Denmon fashion, we hid our feelings behind a wall of booze and laughter and on Sunday I watched Captain America in honor of my brother Rob who is probably going to keep a few of the worlds bad apples away from American soil.  The movie was decent, enjoyable even.  But I think I might have been distracted through the entirety of the film by a PREVIEW.

Another damned Spider-Man movie? Really?? Even worse, it seems to be the retelling of the story from the beginning, from the spider bite, sans Toby Maguire.  How many times must I suffer Hollywood's lack of creativity?

Some guy named Garfield who is a new Spider-Man

Oh well.  I will probably see it and help perpetuate the notion that retreads are a good idea when it comes to lining pockets versus actually coming up with something new.  Captain America, despite this distraction, was a fun film and the Avengers movies are going to make a boatload of money.  They already have, but wait until they all join forces in one movie in 2012.

My brother Rob standing strong at the border.

Other than that, I got into some scotch and cigars in order celebrate my buddy Craig's engagement to long time sweetheart Stacey.  His parents always throw great parties and this was no exception.  If you happened to show up, I was the guy hanging out by the meatballs and the aforementioned scotch. 

He is getting married in March so I need to find the best place to rent a donkey for his bachelor party...

The donkey show from Jay and Silent Bob

On the writing front, I am about 17,500 words into the sequel to For Nothing.   Buffalo Soldiers is really coming along and I think everyone who read For Nothing will love where I am taking the Upstate New York Mafia Tales. Here's to hoping!

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  1. I like how you said: "Some guy named Garfield who is a new Spider-Man". I have similar feelings. At first I thought they would continue the story and dreaded the triquel (Is that what they call it?) But when I realised they are redoing the story I cancelled all plans of even finding out more details.

    I haven't seen Captain America....I don't even remember it getting released in Bangalore. Cheers to your hope =)