Friday, September 16, 2011

All About Context My Dear

Context is an amazing device. It lends back story to individual sentences and has the unique ability to keep us from sounding equal parts ignorant, ridiculous, or just plain confusing. For instance, I recently wrote about my Google history being somewhat scary sounding. In fact it was ripe for an FBI search of my home.


- Detonator
- Fertilizer
- FBI protocol
- Properties of acid
- Violent chemical compounds

This combination is enough to make me seem quite mad. Fortunately, if big brother really is watching, they know I am writing a novel. "I AM WRITING A NOVEL," I call out to my smoke detectors on my ceiling. Yeah sure...smoke detectors.

So the context matters in this case to make sure I don't get arrested.

Why am I thinking of all of this? The reason is because I was contemplating a few of the various actions this past week and I am pretty sure that if I just list them out there would be a whole new layer of eccentricity. So without providing context here are a few highlights:

1. Did the "reeling in a fish" dance; partner included.

We did a way better job than these jokers though.

2. Ate pizza at three am. This proceeded tears from somebody (not me) and preceded the same person's attempts at stealing construction cones. Relax he (or she?) didn't steal them.

3. Sang the song "Fuck You" in a crowded place (not me I am amazing). Then played the tambourine because the singing was so off....

No image, video, or audio. Thank God.


  1. Great post Nicholas lol Very entertaining and informative lol

  2. hahaahaha Good thing u screamed at the smoke detectors....of they're listening - I'm sure they heard you! =P