Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Lies We Tell Our Children

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The blog....

A friend of mine recently launched into an explanation about how she can't sleep because her daughter wakes up three times a night, comes into her room, and in a sleep-zombie-like coma, grabs her face and lays her head on the bed while still standing. She is convinced it isn't a sleep walk as I suggested being armed with very little facts. So she told her daughter that if she sleeps in her bed the whole night through, then the Sleep Fairy will visit and leave a treat.

Well, mother knows best and it apparently worked. Now her daughter sleeps the night through and checks each morning for a new piece of candy. Day five of this brought a repeat of day numero uno's treat. According to the parent, this resulted in the candy being placed on the counter with a huff of disappointment. "I don't know what do," she said. "This might not hold up and I will have to find another lie to keep her in bed the whole night through."

This got me thinking...

We lie to children all the time. It isn't merely a trick, or something done only to keep up mystical appearances. I think it is a cultural habit. Don't get me wrong, I fully intend on lying to my future child as well, but it really is accepted practice. At what age is it wrong to lie? Is it only wrong to lie when all parties involved in the conversation are mentally sound enough to see through the lie? Under that logic is it okay to lie if the other party never suspects? Is it okay to tell a story...

Top Lies I Uncovered As A Child

1) Duh. Santa didn't exist. I found this out at my mother's house because I hid in her closet during a game of hide and seek and found a toy gun. Said gun was then either re-gifted by the jolly fat man or it was a lie! His name was certainly on it.

His slave workforce needs to be fed too doesn't it?

2) Easter Bunny. I walked out of my room in a sleep-zombie-like coma and saw my older brother and mother stuffing baskets with candy. I inquired. I was told the Easter Bunny was sick. That didn't hold water even at my fragile age. (No it was not last year...not that I would admit to you anyway)

Ha!  I know how you feel kid.  I felt the same way when I found out...

3) Tooth Fairy. I felt your hand go under my pillow Dad. You might want to invest in ninja stealth courses...or dispense with the charade and just give me cold hard cash. I say cold and hard because you only gave me a quarter. Cheap-o.

I got the same letter!  Only those were REAL teeth Dad!

What lies did YOU uncover as a child? I would love to hear some of below so we can make fun of you for being a sucker! :)


  1. I am SO guilty of telling my kids lies. Somehow we've managed to keep Mikala believing in Santa at 9. She even believes that the Elf on the Shelf is real and if she touches him he will disappear.

    As for the tooth fairy, she's got one heck of a story to tell about that. Mommy made a big booboo. I'm still cracking up over it.

  2. hahaaahaha =) this is so funny! Hmmm I am trying to wonder which truths I uncovered as a child. It had nothing to do with Santa or the Easter Bunny because I come from a different culture. However....I do remember once I swallowed the seed of an orange and they told me a plant would grow in my tummy and horrible things would happen to me. This was of course to scare me and make sure I ate things more carefully and not in a rush. I didn't sleep the whole night and wondered on how I could keep it from growing. I only realized long after that they were all kidding with me for laughs (was NOT funny to me)