Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For Nothing Movie Adaptation Update / Preview

I thought some of you might be interested in the latest news about For Nothing. As some of you know, the story is being reworked into a screenplay by the talented Welshman, Thomas Humphreys.

Thomas, who has fought through breaking his wrist, has been working diligently to try and get this disaster into top screenplay form. It means a ton that he believes in the work enough to undertake the monumental task of parsing a 300 page story into about a 100 page screenplay. But to break your wrist and still find ways to work on the project, that is dedication my friends.

For example, I was once hungover and so did not write a word.

At any rate, Thomas and I had a bet as to who would finish first: me on the sequel Buffalo Soldiers or him on adapting For Nothing into a screenplay. Since he broke his wrist he is at a serious disadvantage at the moment. As I round the 60-65% complete mark, who knows where Thomas is on this adaptation...

But alas! Thomas does, and has sent us a preview of the screenplay!

Thanks Mr. Humphreys. That actually got my adrenaline going. How exciting! Though I feel safely ahead...for the moment.

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  1. just make sure he includes my cameo

  2. how cool is that!!! and bravo to dedicated writers (brilliant novelists, screenplay geniuses and the masterminds at Groupon) ;)