Monday, April 28, 2014

Interviewed by Mens Mag Daily

Men's Mag Daily recently interviewed me while I was in London.  The magazine bills itself as "Everything A Guy Needs," and is pretty much on the mark.  It covers everything from Sports, News, Business, Fashion, Dating, Women, and of course, Entertainment.

For a snapshot of what they like to write about, just under the tagline are the words "women. money. cars. sex. business. sports. music."  They pretty much stay true to those topics and really do focus on things men like to read about.

It is pretty neat to get approached for an interview by a magazine that features popular musicians such as Twista (the undisputed King of Chicago), Bubba Sparxxx, and DJ Scream.

It is even more interesting to be interviewed by a magazine that grabs up interviews from those in the adult entertainment industry as well, with interviews featuring ladies like Brianna Brooks, Kiara Mia, and Alexis Amore.

It is humbling to be labeled "The Savior of Mob Fiction," but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick, so I'll take it!

To be honest, I didn't know what to expect, but Jon DaBove knew his stuff, had done his research, and even written a thesis around the mafia in Cuba.  I really enjoyed the interview so here is a snippet:

Mens Mag Daily: And what was it about the organized crime, mafia genre that drew you in?
Nicholas Denmon: I grew up in an Italian and Irish family in Buffalo and I’m not sure about now but in the 1960’s-1980’s there was a really big organized crime presence in Buffalo. My grandfather is a Sicilian and my great grandparents were straight from Palermo. They were kind of brought up around that life and they had their dabblings in that life. My great grandfather actually at one point worked for the police and the Mafia in order to make ends meet. It was during the Great Depression era. He did his best to play both sides of the fence. He would tell the mob when the busts were going down but he would also tell his partners where they would be able to find certain illegal activities. He did that until they came looking for him one day and he had to hide out. He decided that was too close of a call with a family and everything. It was one of those things that I just grew up with. I grew up with the stories that surrounded the life and they say when you’re writing a book you should write what you know.
Mens Mag Daily: I always enjoy Mafia stories that take place outside of New York City. I’ve ready so many books on Magaddino in Buffalo, the New Orleans mob, the Denver mob, and it always really draws me in. Do you think that your story taking place outside of New York City kind of gave you a leg up because you had that aspect of originality right off the bat?

Nicholas Denmon: New York City is kind of the standard setting for mob stories. But yeah I do think it did, one of the things I kind of wanted to do with the book was pay tribute to my roots and the upbringing I had and my family had. You’re right, Buffalo is a unique place and the thing about the Buffalo crime family is that it’s not just Buffalo. It’s also Ontario and even extends up to Youngstown, Ohio so they cover a lot of ground. Buffalo, as a setting is unique and in the winter the elements can kind of serve as a character as well.
For the entire interview check it out on Men's Mag Daily by clicking here.

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