Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Lies We Tell Our Children

Quick note: October will be ghost story blogging time. Get ready for it and feel free to email me or 'comment' suggestions. I shall shamelessly pander to reader requests.

Quick note 2: Buffalo Soldiers is at 50,000 words. Yep.

The blog....

A friend of mine recently launched into an explanation about how she can't sleep because her daughter wakes up three times a night, comes into her room, and in a sleep-zombie-like coma, grabs her face and lays her head on the bed while still standing. She is convinced it isn't a sleep walk as I suggested being armed with very little facts. So she told her daughter that if she sleeps in her bed the whole night through, then the Sleep Fairy will visit and leave a treat.

Well, mother knows best and it apparently worked. Now her daughter sleeps the night through and checks each morning for a new piece of candy. Day five of this brought a repeat of day numero uno's treat. According to the parent, this resulted in the candy being placed on the counter with a huff of disappointment. "I don't know what do," she said. "This might not hold up and I will have to find another lie to keep her in bed the whole night through."

This got me thinking...

We lie to children all the time. It isn't merely a trick, or something done only to keep up mystical appearances. I think it is a cultural habit. Don't get me wrong, I fully intend on lying to my future child as well, but it really is accepted practice. At what age is it wrong to lie? Is it only wrong to lie when all parties involved in the conversation are mentally sound enough to see through the lie? Under that logic is it okay to lie if the other party never suspects? Is it okay to tell a story...

Top Lies I Uncovered As A Child

1) Duh. Santa didn't exist. I found this out at my mother's house because I hid in her closet during a game of hide and seek and found a toy gun. Said gun was then either re-gifted by the jolly fat man or it was a lie! His name was certainly on it.

His slave workforce needs to be fed too doesn't it?

2) Easter Bunny. I walked out of my room in a sleep-zombie-like coma and saw my older brother and mother stuffing baskets with candy. I inquired. I was told the Easter Bunny was sick. That didn't hold water even at my fragile age. (No it was not last year...not that I would admit to you anyway)

Ha!  I know how you feel kid.  I felt the same way when I found out...

3) Tooth Fairy. I felt your hand go under my pillow Dad. You might want to invest in ninja stealth courses...or dispense with the charade and just give me cold hard cash. I say cold and hard because you only gave me a quarter. Cheap-o.

I got the same letter!  Only those were REAL teeth Dad!

What lies did YOU uncover as a child? I would love to hear some of below so we can make fun of you for being a sucker! :)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

For Nothing Movie Adaptation Update / Preview

I thought some of you might be interested in the latest news about For Nothing. As some of you know, the story is being reworked into a screenplay by the talented Welshman, Thomas Humphreys.

Thomas, who has fought through breaking his wrist, has been working diligently to try and get this disaster into top screenplay form. It means a ton that he believes in the work enough to undertake the monumental task of parsing a 300 page story into about a 100 page screenplay. But to break your wrist and still find ways to work on the project, that is dedication my friends.

For example, I was once hungover and so did not write a word.

At any rate, Thomas and I had a bet as to who would finish first: me on the sequel Buffalo Soldiers or him on adapting For Nothing into a screenplay. Since he broke his wrist he is at a serious disadvantage at the moment. As I round the 60-65% complete mark, who knows where Thomas is on this adaptation...

But alas! Thomas does, and has sent us a preview of the screenplay!

Thanks Mr. Humphreys. That actually got my adrenaline going. How exciting! Though I feel safely ahead...for the moment.

Follow Tom on twitter @Mr_Frodo_esq

Friday, September 16, 2011

All About Context My Dear

Context is an amazing device. It lends back story to individual sentences and has the unique ability to keep us from sounding equal parts ignorant, ridiculous, or just plain confusing. For instance, I recently wrote about my Google history being somewhat scary sounding. In fact it was ripe for an FBI search of my home.


- Detonator
- Fertilizer
- FBI protocol
- Properties of acid
- Violent chemical compounds

This combination is enough to make me seem quite mad. Fortunately, if big brother really is watching, they know I am writing a novel. "I AM WRITING A NOVEL," I call out to my smoke detectors on my ceiling. Yeah sure...smoke detectors.

So the context matters in this case to make sure I don't get arrested.

Why am I thinking of all of this? The reason is because I was contemplating a few of the various actions this past week and I am pretty sure that if I just list them out there would be a whole new layer of eccentricity. So without providing context here are a few highlights:

1. Did the "reeling in a fish" dance; partner included.

We did a way better job than these jokers though.

2. Ate pizza at three am. This proceeded tears from somebody (not me) and preceded the same person's attempts at stealing construction cones. Relax he (or she?) didn't steal them.

3. Sang the song "Fuck You" in a crowded place (not me I am amazing). Then played the tambourine because the singing was so off....

No image, video, or audio. Thank God.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Back To Books Blog Hop WINNERS

First, thanks to everyone who stopped by my blog and entered this contest. It has been so fun to see your comments pouring in, even if it was "Just Business". It is great to see so many avid readers out there and even better when a few of you guys are willing to take a chance on a debut novel.

...even if it IS free...

Since I hate speeches, let us jump into the winners of this wonderful contest!

As promised, I am giving away three ebooks!

The winners of an ebook copy of For Nothing, America's #1 Crime Thriller (by Nicholas Denmon) are...

Darlene of Darlene's Book Nook

Tina of Tinaburiedunderbooks


Carmee ... just Carmee...

Now Darlene and Tina you provided an email address and I will email you to see the best way to get these ebooks to you. Carmee - you did NOT leave an email address so I will need you to email me at nicholasdenmon08 at gmail dot com. You have 24 hours to get back to me or I will select a new winner! :) SO HURRY!!!

And now... The Moment you have ALL been waiting Forrrrrr......

The Winner of the Grand Prize!!! The Winner of a SIGNED copy of For Nothing, one of America's best fiction novels (by Nicholas Denmon)is...

BJ of @beejee77 via Twitter!! Congrats! I will email you promptly to discern the best way to have your copy delivered!

For everyone else who entered, remember I hold these contest about once a month so don't lose heart! Your free copy might be just around the corner... of course, you could just buy the book and support my pizza habit.