Friday, May 18, 2012

Script Contracts Making Things Official

"It's just business..."

So this weekend, screenwriter Thomas Humphreys will be shipped the contracts for the script to my novel For Nothing.  It is an exciting time because that means we can final go forth and pitch the script to studios and see if anyone wants to buy the rights to make a film out of this thing.

The novel is okay, but the script is really well done, so I have my fingers crossed. Our legal team really put in a lot of effort and produced a top notch contract and I am excited to get moving in the direction of expanding the world's knowledge of our characters, Rafael Rontego and Alex Vaughn.

"Hot as hell..."

Florida is about 88 degrees right now and I have a car (2008 Ford Focus with sync technology and voice activated controls) that decided to karate chop my air-conditioning. Kit of Knight Rider fame, it is not.  No AC in this weather equals a pissy and sweaty Nick and that just won't do. So off to the shop it goes.

"Japan is cooler..."

The temperatures in Japan are much more pleasant.  And you get this view as long as you avoid the nuclear reactor's melting down:

Also they pay American's to teach English there and that is not a bad gig.  Seriously, look at this view. Unbelievable.