Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Harlan Halifax Complete...

...and off to the editor!

As I announced on my Facebook page, I have recently finished my third novel The Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax. I have occasionally dropped snippets of the novel on my page as well, but thought it might be a good idea to share the "book jacket" synopsis with all of you while it rolls onward to the editor.

I know many of you are awaiting the third book in my mafia trilogy, An Upstate New York Mafia Tale, and please know that Ashes to Ashes is well on the way to being completed. I needed a break from the storyline of AUNYMT to try my hand at a different theme and at a different style. I have many stories kicking around in this rust-bucket head of mine, and I know that with the adventure of The Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax behind me, I will approach the ending to the trilogy with the vigor that you all deserve.

The Back of the Book:

The Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax is a story set in the cornfields of Indiana. In Trinity, Indiana, a small community that is practically owned by the ancient and reclusive Harlan Halifax, young Addison Yates lives in the shadow of the Halifax mansion.

With his mother recently deceased, and a father who is on the ropes financially, Addison's world consists of his friends and an aging farmhand who now resides at the Yates' home. After an unfortunate lapse in judgment, Addison's path crosses with that of Harlan Halifax. He learns how the other half lives as well as the secrets behind Harlan's desire to remain a shut-in.

Through Harlan, Addison meets a girl from Afghanistan who is a refugee of the war torn country. Captivated by a pair of brown eyes under a hijab, Addison is thrust on an inward journey that causes the small events in Trinity to take on a much larger significance.

In this coming of age tale, the desperation of poverty meets the legacy of wealth. Youth clashes with age. Knowledge battles ignorance. Friendships attempt to withstand abuse, prejudice, and loss.

In a world ripping at the seams, Addison learns of love's many forms, while also awakening to the hatred that ignorance can breed.

Quote From the Book:

"On a dust covered road with his light-blue Univega Gran Rally laying on its side and dirt clinging under his fingernails he saw her part two stalks of corn like Moses parting the sea. Her dark eyes, chestnut skin, and long amber hair made the rest of the world seem all the more grey and bland. Yet he understood, now, why the sun bothered to shine at all, why birds sang, and flowers bloomed. The eyes, he remembered the eyes from Harlan’s house, from walks to town and back. Only he had never seen them before without the headscarf that made her so foreign to the rest of Trinity and made her an oddity prone to ridicule in the sleepy and eternally preserved town."

TTFN Denmonites!