Tuesday, September 11, 2018

A Secret Society, A New Book, Poetry! Oh My!

Yes. I know. It has been a LONG time. My apologies. Life has a way of chewing us up and spitting us out. In the last...year plus...I have written more than 400 poems which can be found on my Instagram as well as completed a novel.

If you have followed me much you also know I have been in 2 films, having taken a leap into the world of acting - which came with about 6 semesters of training. I love it. But I still love writing more and will never give it up.

But that leads me to the cool news that Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax is now available for pre-order (hits the Kindle and shelves on 9-13-2018). I am making the blog circuit to drum up interest and am also dusting off this corner of my life. So hopefully I will be a bit more consistent here.

Oh... and my collected book of poems (the first of four) is available for pre-order too. Busy times my friends!

Here is Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax's summary and cover, if you want a free chapter click this free ebook chapter of Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax. BUT please keep reading this blog down below as I have two more announcements including...a secret!

Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax $8.99

The Hundred Heartbreaks of Harlan Halifax is set in the cornfields of Trinity, Indiana. The small community is verily owned by the ancient and reclusive Harlan Halifax. In the shadow of the Halifax mansion, lives young Addison Yates.

With his mother recently deceased, and a father who is on the ropes financially, Addison's world consists of his friends and an aging farmhand who now resides at the Yates' home. After an unfortunate lapse in judgment, Addison's path crosses with that of Harlan Halifax. He learns how the other half lives as well as the secrets behind Harlan's desire to remain a shut-in.

Through Harlan, Addison meets a girl from Afghanistan who is a refugee of the war-torn country. Captivated by a pair of brown eyes under a hijab, Addison is thrust on an inward journey that causes the small events in Trinity to take on much larger significance.

In this coming-of-age tale, the desperation of poverty meets the legacy of wealth. Youth clashes with age. Knowledge battles ignorance. Friendships attempt to withstand abuse, prejudice, and loss.

In a world ripping at the seams, Addison learns of love's many forms, while also awakening to the hatred that ignorance can breed.

And if you dig poetry...

Check out this cool cover. It has some surreal elements to it and I will give a free copy to whoever guesses what it portrays. Feel free to share this concept with friends and know that as many folks as guess, will get a free copy courtesy of me.


The book has more than 100 poems and 100 pieces of art - so it makes a nice addition to those word lovers out there.  At the very least, the cover is pretty neat. 

Hope you are all well! I miss my Denmonites.  But I do have a secret hangout being prepared for us as well. Check out the new website, and if you want in on free stuff, and a secret hangout, submit your email. It is pretty cool as far as club houses go! Just click the pics and you will get to where you want to go :)

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TTFN Denmonites!