Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Memorial Day Weekend

I hope everyone had a nice weekend and took a few moments out of their day to thank someone they know who has served, or is serving, in the military.  It is important to remember that there is a cost associated with everything and fortunately, for many of us, there are those who are willing to pay that price for others.

Nothing is for free.

But in the American tradition, I hope you were able to take time to be with family and friends and enjoy some sun, hot dogs, hamburgers, etc.

Maybe a few adult beverages as well?

I helped my brother break in his new patio and we had smoked meats, hamburgers, hot dogs, and my personal favorite Papa Bear drink - Bud Light Lime.

There was also a healthy dose of the sunshine, the beach, and my niece getting food all over her face.

Red, white, and blue cupcakes? She appreciates Memorial Day for sure.

Ashes to Ashes Update

I am running a bit behind as far as my scheduled release date for Ashes to Ashes but am diligently working towards wrapping the novel up.  The cover art is in, and once I make a few adjustments, we will reveal the cover here on my blog.  

So keep your eye out for that.

As always I appreciate you and your patience.  

Have a great week!

TTFN Denmonites!