Monday, February 4, 2013

Blackout and Beyonce Equals Weird Super Bowl

Super Bowl Sunday was great, mostly because of the company and the food and less because of the game. The game was just weird to me. It was an epic blowout until someone at the stadium decided to pull the plug on the power. 

[Prepare for RANT]

Can you imagine being the guy or girl in charge of the Dome during that game? That is probably the worst scenario ever. During the biggest game in your abode, at the most inopportune time, the lights go out. Not only that, it pulls the plug on the broadcasters that would fill that time with pointless facts and the brushing of the egos of the players on the field…stretching... because you can’t play with half of a million lights.

At some point it became apparent they COULD play, but the announcer’s booth wasn't fully functional so they kept the game on hold for an extra fifteen minutes so they could get it right for the television audience. They say five seconds of silence on the air is an eternity. How about several minutes? How about thirty minutes of no action during the championship game right on the heels of the world’s worst half-time show? 

Yeah, I said it. BeyoncĂ© was HORRIBLE. People are all over this like it was some excellent show. I don’t know if we watched the same thing. I thought about eating a bullet rather than continue watching her. She danced like a tired stripper. She sang three words of every song and did it with no passion and out of breath. Then she was doing giddy sidelong glances like she had never been the center of attention before.


That was followed by the blackout. 

People began to leave the Super Bowl party. After all, there was work in the morning for most. NFL, get the memo, hold the Super Bowl on Saturday so people can actually enjoy it in its entirety. Then maybe people might be drunk enough to use that as an excuse for enjoying that crap BeyoncĂ© put together. 

This is what was clearly supposed to be her best moment.  She came off as a trollop.   

[Here the rant shall end...mostly]

The game actually got exciting towards the end but by that time I was only half paying attention.  I felt even if the 49er's staged a comeback it was probably because of the effect on momentum the blackout had on a clearly dominate Raven's team to start the game.

The game almost reeled me in anyway, only to make me feel like the referees screwed the 49er's with several no-calls at crucial points in the game including their last attempt at a touchdown.   

Oh well.  I won some money in my fantasy football league, so I take monetary solace in that.

Also, the food was great.  I made my Yankee Noodle cookies.  

The treats I made...

People ate them and seemed to like them.  The rest of the spread was excellent as well.  Meatballs, chili, banana pudding cake, chips and salsa, fried chicken, and other snacks rounded out the tasty treats. 

It was all put on courtesy of my Dad who has an excellent new television for such events.

My brother Alex next to said TV

Ah well. The Buffalo Bills didn't make the Super Bowl so my chances of really being enamored with the event were slim to begin with, but at least the food and company held up to the highest of standards...even if the game and halftime show did not.

In the immortal words of every Buffalo fan everywhere, "There is always next year."

TTFN Denmonites!


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