Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Little Things That Amuse

Today I was in the apartment with hetero-cubicle-life-mate Ri Ri. (He of the Chai Latte fame).

We had just taken a bevy of workout supplements and were getting ready for what we hoped would be an "epic" lifting of weights.  Both of us generally get tired through a day and don't exactly feel like working out, so we do weird things to make ourselves feel more excited about it.

Like take workout supplements.

And talk like weirdos.

"Can't wait to get this lift on," isn't uncommon.

Nor is him saying something like, "This chest routine is going to be diesel."

I have come to understand it is just part of the routine.  I find it humorous, and sometimes go along with it.  I usually mess up because I'm not hip or down with the "cool guy" lingo.  I will say things like, "Is it bicep day?"

He laughs and says, "There isn't a day for just biceps bro.  Get with it."

Okay. Fair enough.

But today, my "teacher" of all things "gym-cool" was in the kitchen and I look over into the living room where he has what I thought was a box of workout supplements.

This is what I find:

WTF? Step Up 3?

A box of DVDs he picked up from his parent's house. Among them is Step Up 3.  I assume this means he has seen and was a fan of Step Up 1 and 2?

"Ri.  Why do you have Step Up 3?" I ask.

"Bro?  Have you seen it?"

No. No, I haven't.

For those of you who are curious, here is the synopsis of Step Up 3 - from IMDB.com:

After graduating high school from the Maryland School of the Arts (MSA), Moose, with his longtime BFF and fellow MSA alumnus Camille, decides to "grow up" by quitting dance and becoming an engineering student at NYU, much to the delight of his parents. An impromptu street dance battle in New York City in which Moose is involved against Kid Darkness of the renowned House of Samurai dance crew catches the eye of Luke, the leader of the House of Pirates dance crew. Luke convinces Moose to join his crew, which is comprised of a group of misfits who each has his/her own individual dance style. Luke and his crew live in what is called the vault - a converted warehouse - which has a living and dance rehearsal space upstairs and a dance club downstairs. Luke has his own personal reasons for creating the vault and helping these dancers. However, he is five months behind in the mortgage payments and the bank could foreclose at any second. Luke believes winning the $100,000 grand prize in the inaugural World Jam Championships would solve his financial problems. The Samurais, led by Luke's nemesis Julien, are their main competition. Beyond the prestige, Julien has his own motive for wanting to win and ruin the Pirates. Luke is also trying to recruit Natalie, a recent attendee to the downstairs club. In getting to know Luke, Natalie tries to get him to follow his own dreams. But Natalie's involvement with the Pirates may threaten its existence. Meanwhile, Moose is trying to balance his secret involvement with the Pirates against his commitments to school and to Camille, who secretly wants to be more than just a platonic BFF to Moose. But Camille may be able to take only so much neglect from Moose before even their BFF status is placed into jeopardy.

Erm. "...impromptu street dance battle in New York City..." ??? Lovely.

That is all.

TTFN Denmonites!


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  1. Don't knock Step Up 3 until you have watched all of them! Just saying ;-P