Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Life: Hostage to the Law of Motion

Isaac Newton has three laws that explain motion.  His first law is sometimes called the Law Of Inertia.

Briefly, because I am not a scientist and also because I don't want to bore you, the Law of Inertia is this:

The state of an object's motion will be constant unless another unbalanced force acts upon that object.  Also, all objects resist change when in a particular state of motion.

People are not much different then the objects described.  In fact, people wrapped up in events seem to be very much subject to the Law of Inertia.

Consider a revolution. We describe it by saying "a revolution swept [insert country name here]."  It implies that there was a moving force that pulled people into it, not much different than the tide of a sea.

I say all  of the above because over the last two months I feel like I have been pushing a boulder.  The boulder resisted the change and I wasn't large enough, or enough of a significant force, to push the boulder or to keep my life's events from being as they have always been.

I have been working towards a goal for over a year and each step of the way has presented the challenge of changing an existing status quo. I have this issue, in some ways, in both my professional life as well as my personal life and the only way to change the current state of things is to become the unbalanced force that makes the change happen.

We made moves, felt the boulder wobble, but not budge.

Finally, on the brink, we got stuck in a legal wrangle that threatened to derail all of our work and make us start back at square one.

Who knew that the final bit of force would be the threat of no force at all.  With negotiations appearing to be at a standstill, the threat of walking away from the deal altogether proved to be the force necessary to push it all into motion.

After two months of getting nowhere fast, a deal was struck and hopefully, now, we are on the side of another law which Newton had a hand in.

This one is called momentum.

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  1. Fantastic news, and well deserved after all that Sisyphus-like shoving of the huge boulder. Here's to momentum!