Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Called out by my old man

So my Dad called me last night to tell me I misquoted him on the joke from my earlier blog post, My crazy mom, a tsunami, and our new bunker.  Then he laughed at the description of him as a perfectionist.  He was either playing the part, or realized that the fact he noticed made my description of him more accurate…or he wanted to fit the description better so as to make it more perfect and played the part.  Okay, now I think my head might explode.


And to answer a few questions I have received, yes my mom does crazy things and the stories I tell about her are true stories.  Having said all of that, she is a wonderful lady and has a monstrously big heart. She makes a nasty lasagna, loves animals, and is probably where I get my penchant for storytelling.  She happens to also have a conspiracy theory tilt to her world view.  That conspiracy is not limited to people, the earth’s growing pains, or God.  Most of the time her best conspiracies involve a dash of backstabbing people, a sprinkle of the world turning wrong on its axis, and a big old helping of God’s knuckle sandwich. Somehow she still has the capacity for a tremendous amount of love and the time to make me chocolate chip cookies.


Enough of that.


Moving right along, I wrote a bit more last night pushing my word count to 11,000.  At this rate I might hit 20,000 by the end of the weekend.  Well, not at this rate but at a slightly accelerated rate.  Also, in regards to my completed novel, For Nothing, my team of artists is working on the cover art as we speak and that is awesome.  (Does two people collaborating make a team?  I think so.  That's the story I'm telling and I'm sticking to it.) That means I am still on track to release it to the Kindle on April 15th.  Oh yeah, and beta readers, that means you have 7 days left to get back at me with your thoughts on the novel. Do it.  Now.  For the love of God, do it. 


The novel that I am at 11,000 words on is starting to get increasingly more (is increasingly more redundant?) complex even though I did a nut to bolts outline from January through March.  So now I am embarking on the task of creating family trees for the more important families in my novel.  That means about 35 family trees of various degrees of detail. Yep, that many.  Creating worlds is not easy.  I wonder if this is how God felt.  He did it in seven days (yeah right) but he made it simple and supposedly only made two people. I am about to make damn near one hundred.  Even then, he (she, it?) would have made only one if he didn’t think that Adam would have just devolved into another animal like the chimp if he didn’t create Eve to keep him in line.  That little bit about the apple was a simple misunderstanding; I don’t know many women that have ever done well with being told they can’t have something.


By the way, I notice that I have a few readers now; my blog is getting about 150 ‘hits’ a day.  Why don’t some of you look over on the lower right hand side of my blog and click the ‘Follow’ button.  That way I can claim people actually read this thing.  It takes like two seconds and if you do, maybe I will write something good about you.


Till tomorrow…