Friday, March 18, 2011

March Madness and St. Patty's Day

Mid March is one of my favorite times of the year. There is St. Patty’s day, there are a multitude of birthdays for the next thirty days of people I love, and of course there is March Madness.

I have three brackets filled out and I have the Florida Gators winning the tournament in one of them.  I can’t help but be a homer for them.  The first round went well except for the fact that Louisville did their best to fuck my bracket up straight from the beginning and Princeton really gave me a scare.  Today we get to watch the number one seeds in action so that should be fun.

I spent my St. Patty’s Day at Ferg’s Sports Bar in St. Petersburg, FL and had a great time.  It was Dana’s birthday and it is fun to hang out with her and her boyfriend Josh and really play off them as far as jokes go.  Our banter usually involves the ladies playing the men off one another to see who is better and then the men pretending to be more interested in each other than the ladies.  It is a fun dynamic and making new friends is always great.

Green beer.

Anyone know if the dye they put in green beer can make you sick?  I drank a few of those last night and didn’t feel well.  I didn’t even drink enough to get a buzz, so I am curious as to if it could be the dye.

This weekend will be fun.  I intend to buckle down on writing my second novel and hope to be in the 10-15k word range by the time Sunday rolls around.  Also, there is less than a month now until my novel For Nothing goes up on the Kindle.
Exciting times.

This weekend:

The engaged couple Craig and Stacey come to town.  Dinner with them on Saturday will be a blast, it usually is.

Writing, Writing, Writing.

College Basketball.

Writing some more?

Maybe get some sun.

I will leave with this awesome video of Morehead State’s win over Louisville. 

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