Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Sign of the Apocalypse

The fact that people listen to this crap, and like it, kills me.  Not to insult you if you like it, but this has millions of views on YouTube and I heard it on the Sirius radio top 20 this morning.  It was so bad I sent a text to myself in order to remind myself of the name of the song that was so terrible I had to put it in my blog.  It is that bad.

Seriously. Worst. Song. Ever.


  1. Uh, yep... that's pretty bad. Peeps got nothing better to do, I guess.

  2. I know right? But what does that make me, taking the time to post about it haha?

  3. I'm listening to this thinking that someone should hit the artist in the head with a hammer so that MY pain can go away... Did someone actually think they were paying tribute to Barbara or duck sauce with this homage to repetition? OMG! Its not over YET???

  4. was That even a song - bcuz songs are supposed to be music to your ears - that just sounded like garbage =) LOL

    And how did it get on the topper charts????