Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My Top 5 Distractions When Writing

Sometimes I sit down in front of my Mac, turn it on, and the words flow from my finger tips so swiftly and beautifully that I think I am surely related to Ovid, Calliope, or maybe even just someone insignificant like John Milton.  Other days are much more trying and taxing.

For instance, last night I sat down at my Mac and had to restart the damn thing half a dozen times before it 'took'.  This has never happened before.  But it did this time.  The time where I came home from a long day and felt especially motivated.  Then, once I got past that hurdle, the batteries in my wireless keyboard went out.  Hooray.  So I went in search of batteries, found some, fixed the problem, cracked my knuckles and got to work.  Then the phone rang, which I ignored.  Then the cat knocked something over, then the gods had mercy on me and I was finally able to write.

With this back-story, I decided to brainstorm the top five things that make it difficult for me to write consistently in the hopes that once I put it in print; I will no longer be able to use them as excuses.

Top 5 Distractions

Numero Uno:  General laziness.  I come home after working all day, sometimes working out as well, and I just plain do NOT feel like writing.  Even though I think I do on the way home and I brainstorm and tell myself I am going to write half a novel in one sitting, I get home and…wait for it...nothing.  I eat, I sit down, I read a book for fun, catch a T.V. show maybe, and go to bed. 

This madness must stop.

B:  My cats.  They love me, or at least recognized that I feed them.  Whatever the arrangement is, they come waltzing into my study as if they own it.  At this point, having probably snuck in since I use my Daddy voice and "Hey!" them into obedience when they get near the door, they commence with tiny bits of creative destruction.  They swat the blinds, they fight each other, they curl around my leg meowing. They jump on my keyboard.  Then I pick them up and hold them, sometimes lay down with them and fall asleep. 


3:  Eating.  I stop for a snack, I stop for dinner, and I stop for a drink.  All of these distractions are probably just me procrastinating.  They add up.  Disrupt my flow.  And on those rare occasions I hit a zone....

5:  My lovely lady.  She will come in and make me eat.  Or she will have something very important to discuss, like something funny her friend Dana said, dinner plans (either going out or "feed me...seriously...now"), or to check in on me and make sure I am still alive.

I love that she cares.  Once I accidentally swallowed a penny and got myself stuck in a plastic grocery bag and if she didn’t come in I wouldn’t be here today.

And last but not least…

D:  This blog.  Clearly.

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