Sunday, March 6, 2011

New Novel Outline Complete

While I wait for my lovely Beta Readers to finish reading my manuscript, I decided to not rest idle.  I have now officially outlined my next novel, which is a fiction fantasy.  I plan on making this the first part in a trilogy, and I have the ideas for the sequels all lined up as well.

I am nervous about getting the feedback on my first manuscript, so the nervous energy had to be put to use.  I suppose it can't be worse then the feedback I got from my editor, but he is a hired gun so it will be great to hear what the feedback sounds like from my betas.  I still have about 7-9 days before those results start coming in (unless someone surprises me and is not a procrastinator).  The way I see it, I can be 7-9 days into my new idea before I have to pause and do my re-write on For Nothing.

Speaking of For Nothing, that is just the working title.  I will probably give it a name with a bit more 'umph',  I found it oddly disconcerting when the first thing on my manuscript, the title, had read ink on it. 

"Needs a different title?" he wrote.  

So back to the drawing board on that. 

I am also excited to see what sort of cover art my cousin is able to come up with for my book.  I have no experience in that part of writing so I have been looking at other top seller crime novels to see what is out there.   I have some good thoughts on what I want but I don't want to taint my cousin's ideas.  Until then, I hold my tongue.  Not literally though because it would sound like this, "Unthil then, I holth my tonguth." 

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