Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A father by any other name would smell as sweet...

Had dinner with Jen, Paula, and the man formerly known as “the old man”.  He let me know that while reading my blog he was not fond of the title.  So now I will be formally taking submissions as to what we should call my Dad.  Here is a list of known quantities and my feelings towards them.

Father:  Sounds like a sperm donor only.
Pops:  He might explode.
Daddy-o:  Do I owe him money for turning tricks?
Pappy: I kind of like this one, it is a contender.
Progenitor: Ummm. “I’ll be back” – Arnold Schwarzenegger-ish
Sire:  He would like this one no doubt.  No doubt in my mind.
The source:  What is this the Matrix?
Papa:  Called my grandfather something similar, he would like this less than old man probably.  
Daddy: If I was his daughter, maybe.
Forbearer:  Is he dead?  Sounds like he is dead, I don’t like this one. 

That is all I and Thesaurus.com can come up with.   Anyone have any different ideas?

In other news, the Yankee game rained-out last night, so dinner with Jen, Paula, and the old man went well as a substitute.  There were lots of jokes and laughter for most of the evening; and I am pretty sure I caught the old man and his girlfriend kissing at a red light.  Nice work, Mr. Progenitor.  It’s good to see him back at the basics, the source of his four troubles, err, I mean sons. 

Good work Sire. Glad to see my Papa (insert aristocratic accent here) observing the rules of the road.  The light was red and no one had to beep to get the line moving when it turned green. When I rolled down the window and finally got his attention, my forbearer laughed and I accused him of canoodling across the traffic lanes.  He smiled and I drove off thinking of my Daddy-O and his pimp game.  Maybe my Pappy isn’t so old after all.  Every now and then it serves as a good reminder that the Pops is out there having a good time and life truly begins when your 50.  

So if you hear that rhythmic clapping, old man, it is me cheering you on and saying, “Well done Father, well done.”

I have also entered a cool contest by Shelley Wattters.  Her blog is doing a twitter pitch contest for a manuscript.  Exciting!  For details go here. Good times!

Also, I hit 20,000 words last night. Almost.  I still claim it.


  1. From your description, I'm thinking "the Old Man" needs to be called "the Young Man". Good for him smooching at red lights!

  2. Fair enough, and I am sure that will please the old..err young..man.

  3. Have you considered Papa Dukes!! Pappy sounds like grandpa, IMHO.