Thursday, December 20, 2012

Breaking Chairs and Bringing Christmas back Peanuts' style!

We had the office Christmas party this week and it was a good time.  We played games, got bonus checks, and ate food.  The company flew us out to Georgia so the Tampa office could partake, then my cubicle-hetero-roomie-life-mate proceeded to sit on a chair and break it to smithereens.

We think it is because we work out so much that there is a lot of dense muscle mass.  I almost broke my chair too...maybe...

But I didn't, so everyone laughed and clapped at my pal.  He took it in red-faced good fun.

Ri-Ri with his broken chair

Me sipping on champagne

Office Christmas Tree

The dessert table!

Christmas Countdown:

5 days until Christmas. How exciting!  The post office lines are so long they go out the door. The lights are out in full force and I even saw a group going around singing Christmas carols.  Not bad for a bunch of five year old children. Also adding to the season is the fact that my friend's wife has been sharing pictures of her child doing the school Christmas play etc (adorable).

I never know which year will feel like "Christmas", but this one really does for me. Part of the reason for that is because of how giving people have been to others.

By people I mean, you, the readers of this little blog corner.

So here is an update on the book giveaway / All Children's Hospital benefit. Sorry I took a week to get an update going, but I spent about five days away traveling.

The Program:

New Holiday Tradition to Benefit All Children's
Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
This holiday season, Busch Gardens begins a new tradition when it hosts its biggest Christmas celebration ever. Christmas Town transforms the park into a nighttime holiday wonderland of wintry surprises and all things Christmas. And a portion of the proceeds will benefit All Children's Hospital. (Click to read more)

Those Who Participated (December 13-20):

Gilbert Hoopes
Angelia Poitra
Lea Ellen
Ester Cerna
Brent Dubuque
Rafael Pickney
Cecile Mee
Shanna Winningham
Jocelyn Holgate
Brett Beltz
Charity Tacker
Nathaniel Herriman
Mollie Gately
Alta Maron
Rick Lindeman
Ricardo Press

Their Book Choices:

11 For Nothing
6 Buffalo Soldiers

Receipts Total:


Remember even one ticket purchased, gets you the book, signed.  I have also decided that if you re-tweet or share the link to this blog, you get a free ebook of your choice (as long as it was an ebook written by me).


Participants (since December 7th) - 50

Receipts - $1790.00

Books Given Away - 49 plus one high-five.

Days Left: 3

I was hoping to get 50 people involved and if we count my brother we are there.  I have also decided that should we not reach the $2,000.00 goal, I will close the gap (easy to do since we are so close). This has really been an amazing response and I can't thank everyone enough for what you are doing this holiday season.

And just to remember why people celebrate on this day, Christian or not, I think we can all get behind, "On earth, peace and goodwill towards men."

TTFN Denmonites!


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