Monday, December 3, 2012

The Movember Aftermath

AFTERMATH- A consequence, especially of a disaster or misfortune: famine as an aftermath of drought. 2. A period of time following a disastrous event: in the aftermath of war.

When it came to our facial hair, we came, we saw we conquered.

But as with any hard fought battle, the results were varied across the board.

In the case of our German compatriot, he was cowed into submission by his wife and opted to go for the clean shave. Happy wife, happy life, and his smooth baby-faced skin is a testament to his want for a peaceful home. Ever the happy warrior, the Germanator is now a domesticated man, living life tending to his crops and fixing the plumbing in his home which carried its own challenges as he slightly wounded his thumb in the endeavor.

Baby face German

Also shedding his face fur, and reaching for the straight razor, was Thomas.  The screenwriter took off his mustache and said he never felt better.  However, he did make sure to mention, "same thing this time next year!"  Well said Thomas.  Well said.

Can you almost see remnants there, above the lip?

Ryan and I both took the advice of the single most important woman in each of our lives and opted to keep a more controlled variation of the month's tribute to masculinity.  After we both toyed with the idea of keeping just the mustache, and cultivating it like Tom Selleck...

 ...we decided to just tame the beastly facial hair instead of completely putting it down to rest.

Almost looks like he is working...

Should be looking like he is working instead of taking everyone's photo...

Till next time faithful Demonites!


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  1. Kudos to you guys for going the distance with the Movember/No Shave November challenge! Love it! :)