Monday, December 10, 2012

Over $1000 contributed for All Children's Hospital

Just a quick update before I get back to work on this novel. 

As you all probably know, I have been giving away signed copies of my novels in exchange for people who can provide a receipt, as proof of purchase, to the cooperative event between Busch Gardens and All Children's Hospital below.  When I started this adventure I just wanted to share the feeling of doing something nice.  Someone brought it to my attention that there might be a better way and thus, this giveaway was spawned. Do something nice, get a free book, and join in the holiday spirit!

The Program:

New Holiday Tradition to Benefit All Children's
Christmas Town at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay
This holiday season, Busch Gardens begins a new tradition when it hosts its biggest Christmas celebration ever. Christmas Town transforms the park into a nighttime holiday wonderland of wintry surprises and all things Christmas. And a portion of the proceeds will benefit All Children's Hospital. (Click to read more)

Those Who Participated (December 8-10):

Tony Deville
Danny Bremer
Glenn Schuck
Marjorie Carroll
Manuel Scholl
Daniel Silverman
Roy Fussell
Jerry Arredondo
Justin Ceja
MaryAnn Wang
Anne Gregor
Shelley Dubois
Jonathan Fecteau

Their Book Choices:

5 Buffalo Soldiers
12 For Nothing
1 high five for my brother

Receipts Total:


Remember even one ticket purchased, gets you the book, signed.  I have also decided that if you re-tweet or share the link to this blog, you get a free ebook of your choice (as long as it was an ebook written by me).


Participants (since December 7th) - 29

Receipts - $1220.00

Books Given Away - 28 plus one high five

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