Monday, December 31, 2012

The Times They Are a-Changin


This is a year that I am looking back on as one I love to hate. I entered the year with so much optimism, I had big hopes for the future while also having personal goals I set out to achieve. I hate this year in some ways because I failed to completely round out some big ticket items in my business, spiritual, and personal life.
However, most events saw progress but it was the kind of halting progress that is frustrating and makes you feel as if vines are wrapped around your ankles each time you try to sprint. All aspects of my life suffered setbacks and delays but have ultimately moved forward. Some of the paths have been winding and I try and find reason in all of these things as I look hopefully forward towards 2013.

There is much to be thankful for in 2012, so let me recap a few:

  • My first novel, For Nothing, hit number one in its genre on Amazon 
  • My second novel Buffalo Soldiers was released 
  • I started the year at 195 pounds, got down to 160 working out twice a day and now am gaining muscle to where I weigh 171 pounds and feel much better about myself, which is what is important.
  • I have learned about the religion of Islam, read the Qu'ran twice and learned about myself on the Night of Power, had fun going through my first Ramadan with an amazing Imam as a teacher,and the guidance of a few very good Muslim friends and one more so than the rest.
  • Went to Denver, CO for the first time in my life
  • I had my first novel turned into a screenplay by Thomas Humphreys, formed a business with him, and continued with other businesses with other wonderful friends.
  • Adopted a second family of the Welsh persuasion, visited a foreign country five different times this year, had international friends visit, and found myself at a random bar in Slough in the U.K. drunk out of my mind.  Then wound up in Paddington going round to pubs and listening to charming British folk apologise for everything they did before standing up and singing songs in the pub. An amazing experience really
  • Fought off a Polar Bear attack with nothing but an ice skate (just kidding)
  • Took up martial arts and grappling again after a few years off.  I can now say I have done some form of the art for 8 years now (intermittently)
  • Lead the charge on the largest single client implementation my office has ever seen, successfully too
  • Saw what happens when people come together for a good cause this Christmas season
  • Had a wonderful holiday season and saw family I have not seen in far too long across the state
  • There is more...just some stuff is best left in my head! You know what I am talking :-P

Looking forward to in 2013

  • Seeing new places with a few familiar faces and some new faces
  • Growing my businesses to the next level, all four of them
  • Getting my third novel out
  • Getting my fourth novel out
  • Making a successful transition...
  • Growing to be a better person in all things whether that be honesty with myself and others, or just continuing to minimize the ignorant part of my mind with consistent learning and evaluating, growth is essential, always
  • Multiple weddings involving friends and family.  I think they are all getting married just to see me.  A simple weekend invitation would have worked fellas...
  • I will go from being an Uncle once over to four times over.  Speaking of, my brother sent me this video of my current niece last night proclaiming my greatness (who if you remember I tainted with ice cream):

Plus a few more personal items which again, I must keep close to the vest (it would bore most of you anyway). 

I hope all of you have a nice end to the year 2012. And as we look into 2013 I leave you with the timeless and immortal words of Bob Dylan:

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