Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Monkey Business

Who doesn't like a good monkey story? Apparently even monkeys enjoy shopping at Ikea for their low priced furniture and easy to assemble shelving. I once built an entire library from Ikea shelving in a previous life so I understand the allure.

Seeing as how my favorite childhood stories growing up consisted of the ones with Curious George and the Man in the Yellow Hat, anytime there is a tiny monkey in the news it catches my attention.

Thanks Mom and Dad

Here in Tampa we had a whole family of monkeys that escaped from a local wildlife facility several years back.  They became increasingly difficult to capture because after each one of their group was captured the rest learned to avoid those particular traps.  Eventually only one monkey remained, the famous Mystery Monkey of Tampa Bay who eluded capture for three years until he was finally taken down this past October.

No Man in the Yellow Hat here, just a tranquilizer dart

Imagine how exciting it was for me to learn that a monkey in a winter coat was found roaming the halls of a Toronto Ikea. Here is the video for your viewing pleasure:

TTFN Demonites!


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  1. I love monkeys to0 :) Until they throw poop!