Friday, December 7, 2012

God Takes His Vengeance

They always say laugh often but don't laugh too hard or too loud.  That is good advice.

Yesterday I made a big stink about how great the weather was here in Florida.  And it was great.  So great that I was able to trek on over to the beach and get some late night writing in, rum in hand.  The cool water lapped at my toes while the night air rode along on nature's warm breath to make for a pleasant evening alone among the waves and the stars and the story dancing in my head.

I listened to music through my headphones, on low, so I could still make out the crash of the waves as they faltered against the might of the earth and rolled to sleep back beneath the gulf.  Every now and again the music you listen to as a writer syncs up with the nature around you, your mood, the vibe of the story, and you hit the "zone".

Yesterday was a good day.

However, God must have heard about my gloating because the weather has done a 180 since yesterday.  The sky clouded over.  The winds picked up. The temperature dropped by 14 degrees.

Sigh.  I promise to be a good boy.  Just let those high 70's and low 80's come back! To be honest though, I actually enjoy the cool weather this time of year.  I wish it were colder.  But I do love the sun.  That is why this is moderately depressing:

Yesterday I gloated about this:

Today I get this:

Damn. Guess I am being prepared for shitty weather, as if being from Buffalo, NY wasn't enough...

TTFN Denmonites!

UPDATE:  God seems to have forgiven me.  As of 1:20 pm we are back as it should be.


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