Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Back With A Vengeance

In the words of one of my favorite rappers, Hozay, I am not "like Nicholas Denmon with a pen son." I AM Nicholas Denmon with a pen son. Or with a keyboard rather. But don't let that bother you too much.

I hit the old Mac hard today with a pocketful of vengeance and some diet coke. I passed out and woke up with 3,000 words hammered out and the direction I have been wanting to take Ashes to Ashes well under way.

As I typed, blacked out, I vaguely remember hearing some good music that helped me get going.

In true gangster fashion these are the artists that led the charge:

1) Notorious B.I.G.

2) Tupac

3) Jay-Z

4) Eminem

5) Frank.  Frank who?  C'mon! Sinatra.

6) Bone Thugs? They were sneaky and got in there.

7) Three 6 Mafia

8) The Sopranos theme song...who sings that? Alabama 3? Hardly a gangster name but.. here it is anyway:

So there we have the sound track for tonight.

I shall leave you with this excerpt from Ashes to Ashes:

“So how do we hunt this rat,” Don Ciancetta asked.

“With cheese.”

“What’s the cheese?”

“Why, we are of course.” The Pope smiled, enjoying the analogy.

The Don’s sneer, however, indicated he wasn’t overly amused. “And what the fuck is the cheese gonna do?”

“Like any cheese, we wait for the rat to come to us.”

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