Wednesday, January 9, 2013

People Crack Me Up

I love to people watch.  I have been on buses traveling across the state of Florida (sometimes on a Greyhound sometimes with the President of the United States) as well as airplanes traveling internationally and you get to see how people conduct themselves in forced social settings.  Most people try to keep to themselves.

Every now and then you sit next to an elderly lady who tells you her life story, about being a widow, her thirty-six years on airlines, and about her new reading club.  Then I get to tell her I am an author. Turns out she is from my hometown, taught German (we carry on in German for a bit), and purchases both my novels on her Kindle.

Sometimes you sit next to a lady on the run from her ex-husband who is a drug addled psychopath. She eats her BBQ ribs by pulling it from the bone with her inch-long purple fingernails which she nervously sucks on as she eyeballs you, wondering if she can trust you with this information or if you plan on jumping out of the bus to run down Interstate 75 to tell her husband...whom you have never met.

Occasionally, you sit next to a salesman who is on his sixth plane in three days and can't wait to get home to his love Trent but in lieu of Trent, his whiskey will do. He has a great idea for selling server space, essentially air, and if the company he was working for didn't already do that he would be off to start his own...someday.

But more often then not, you can see something interesting just by looking out the car window.  This is what I saw today:

I'm sure she is perfectly lovely with out the curlers...

Ah, people watching.  I highly recommend it.

TTFN Denmonites!



  1. O.M.G.!!! No fucking way! xD hahahahahah

  2. I love people watching too! I was driving back to work on my lunch break and was stopped at a stop light waiting for it to turn green. Across the street was a car that turned into his house. It had stopped by the curb where his trash bins were. I expected him to walk out to take the trash and then drive his car, but he extended one arm outward and dragged the trash bin to the garage while he slowly drove the car up the driveway.

    Needless to say, I was impressed as I was amused. People watching = FTW :)


  3. For the record, love that smile in the picture -->
    This blog is my top 5 favourites keep up the good work!!

  4. Very cool Claire, that is the type of thing I wish I had my camera for. It just worked out this time!

    Thanks Elaine - I hope you keep reading!