Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Huge Changes

My boutique publishing company, home to seven authors and over fifty titles, is undergoing a reorganization and redevelopment.  It has been time consuming as I also work on my other business endeavors but it is a necessary undertaking.  The company has undergone a management overhaul that was much needed.

The previous team did a great job getting things started but to get to the next level we really felt like we needed to bring in people that could be devoted to the company even more than myself.

We will be retaining Robert Taft as editor but we have replaced the rest of the team.  There will be a renewed focus on social media as a means to promote our authors.  We recently had a two day training class in order to teach them how best to utilize the free forums at their disposal and to my delight, they seem to have really taken to the concept. We discussed reaching follower goals on their various social media platforms as well as having a minimum amount of interaction thresholds in order to promote and drive sales. Though this has long been a desire of Robert and myself, the new hire has really seen the vision through.

After all, what good is a book if no one reads it?

If a tree falls in the forest...

So to help Robert Taft with his duties (which are many), we have hired David Spiller.  David has more than ten years in the publishing business and was one of the few people who understood the direction of the e-book revolution from its inception.  He has spent time working for Amazon's Kindle division as well as more recently several small start up companies as a silent consultant.  Two of those are now multi-million dollar companies and we hope that Dave can have similar success here.

Welcome to the team Dave.

The rest of his team will be rounded out by his personal selections and I imagine he will reinvigorate our freelance editing staff as well as our freelance cover artists.

Exciting times at DSE books.

TTFN Denmonites!


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