Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Horse Meat??? Horse Sh!t

Recently a supermarket chain in the UK, Tesco, was uncovered for having "hamburger" meat that consisted of 29% horse meat.  I once ate horse meat, accidentally, myself in college.  I had a roommate from Cuba whose Grandmother left us a plastic container of food for dinner.

It looked like cabbage stuffed with hamburger meat.

I was told it was hamburger meat.

I commented it tasted a bit tough.

My roommate fell on the floor laughing and confided it was horse-meat.

I put the food down and grimaced while my roommate thought himself very clever and funny.

I don't know what it is about horse-meat that makes many people wrinkle the nose and feel unsettled. I imagine it is something akin to eating dog or cat...they are just too familiar, too human-like in certain ways.  Dolphin probably enter into this somewhere too.

There are just certain things most of us don't want to eat.

This got me to thinking about the rumors I have heard about fast food restaurants.

Remember when Wendy's had the human finger in the Chili scare? It ended up being a ploy by a desperate couple to exact money from the fast food chain.  It doesn't matter though, I still won't eat Wendy's Chili.

If I held up my thumb like this for a ride, would you pull over and pick me up?

Ever hear about Taco Bell using horse-meat?  Rumor also.  But the quality of the beef is about half a step above what the USDA allows for in meat sold as dog I hear.

McDonald's?  The highest purchaser of cow eyeballs in the world? Nope not true either.  Apparently cow eyeballs are expensive and fetch good value.  McDonald's wouldn't be grinding them up into the 100% beef patties.  It doesn't make economical sense.

There are so many more rumors.  I know one thing though, I didn't enjoy horse-meat.  I have no wish to encounter it again.  So I am placing it right there with Pig on my list of don't wanna not gonna.  I guess that means I shall avoid Tesco when I go to England.  I will also not be visiting my roommate's Grandmother for dinner anytime soon. 

TTFN Denmonites! 



  1. Do you remember the kangaroo meat/BK rumors of the 1980's? My brother loved to torment me with that one....
    Never had horse meat, as far as I know, but I had horse milk yogurt in Switzerland.

  2. The finger in the chili is totally yukky! But, seriously, do we really know what we are eating?