Monday, April 18, 2011

Book Cover Hell

As you know, my art team has been preparing my book cover for my debut novel. The art is decided, but the font and exact wording is still being debated by my internal team. By team, I mean my two art fellas (who rock) and me. Basically, it has been narrowed down to four possibilities. We took a vote and each picked a different one as our favorite. Then, I opened it up to eight of my trusted friends and family; I ended up with another split decision.

Either all of the covers are good, or none of them are. My family, friends, and readers of this blog all say they love the artwork. They love the font too, just the fonts THEY picked- which none of them agree on. Frustration.

End result? I am just going to pick it and be done with it.

As a side note: My Mr. Potato(e) Head blog became my top read blog of all time almost instantly. I guess titles matter, and of course I might have a few more lovely readers now as well. I really appreciate those of you who leave comments, subscribe, follow my blog, and re-post on various media forums. Much love Brotesticles and Ladies.


  1. They all looked pretty good, so whatever font you decide I'm sure it will look great!

  2. Hey hey it's my arteeeeest. Mr. Horst making an appearance! Welcome to the blog sir!

  3. As a writer and cover designer I feel your pain LOL. It can be rough deciding the first impression your book will make on your reader. Looking forward to seeing the one you choose ;) btw New follower! stop by my blog when you get a chance ;)