Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Cat video and Novel Updates

Finally, I have critiques of my manuscript coming in.  This is wonderful for two reasons.

The first is that it means even though I had to ask, someone has read my story. "Yay" for begging, coercing, paying, and promising.  Although the story has holes and spots that need definite editing, the general mood has been positive.  Also, they seem to be reading it quickly once they pick it up.  Readers finish it in a matter of days, which speaks to a decent flow, or page turn ability.  So that is exciting.

The second reason why this rocks my socks, is that now I can use their fresh eyes, opinions, questions, and thoughts in general, to make a good story into a decent novel.  That is what this is all about, after all. 

Tonight I hope to hit 40,000 words in my WIP (work in progress).  We will see how far I get.  That would be a 2,500 word run tonight, so I really need to get busy.

In other news, my book cover is decided.  You will have to wait to see which one I selected, but I promise you that you will be pleased.

On that note, sorry for the short post.  As I usually do in such situations; please enjoy the video below and forgive me.

Special thanks to beta readers, @marnimann @christinmowery @allieburkebooks Chris, Paul, Aaron, and Jen.

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