Thursday, April 14, 2011

Time crunch!

So I just finished my guest blog for Nicole Ireland.   Hopefully that will release in the near future.  I got home from work late, so that ate up a bunch of time I wanted to use for this blog.  But since I don't have the time to give you a legit post, please accept this video as my apologies.   I must go and write now.  I have a weekend goal of 35,000 words so I am still 6,000 words shy.

P.S. I will b hanging out with my schitzo mom this weekend so there is likely to be another funny story.  I might even do a Sunday blog post, if it is good enough!

With out further ado:


  1. My cat loving husband loved your video. My hypochondriac aunt would love it more...that is if we could tear her away from the birds that live in her air conditioner. Once they start their lovemaking, she's hooked! Have a good time with Mom this weekend!

  2. Your interview will be up tomorrow at 10am.