Thursday, April 28, 2011


I did not even come close to my goal yesterday.  I hammered out a mere 500 words after all my talk of 2,500.  Welcome to Suckville.

Residents: 1.

I am sitting down with renewed vigor tonight.  I shall overcome.

Write. Like. Your. Life. Depends. On. It.

...until your friends ask you to play Call of Duty: Black Ops with them.

Or family gets mad at you...

But write I shall.

Peace out gangsters.


  1. Or someone says "Hi" to you on Twitter or Facebook, and then you start talking with them, and then "OH" I should check my blog stats or Goodreads additions on my book, or, or, or. I hear ya! Good on you to get it done! ;)

    Angeline Kace

  2. If I may add... there are a lot of residents in Suckville. It's sort of a transient community where people pop in & out, which makes it no big deal really if you find yourself there from time to time. The problem only comes if you're elected Mayor of Suckville or something... ;)

    Write away :)

  3. Haha Stacie I appreciate the kind words of cooperative suckitude :) I will be careful to not run for Mayor of such a desolate place, which is clearly full of Hobos.

  4. Yes, your background in politics would certainly serve you well there, but it's really just a dead end. Someone should do something about the Hobos though... ;)

  5. Sometimes, you just need a good "fuck it" night! Don't be so hard on yourself - enjoy the rest you gave your brain and set your self up for success today! You can do it!

    Oh, and I agree with Angeline~ the Twitter/FB/Blogger/Goodreads thing... yikes! Good luck!!

  6. @semperwrite is a writer-politician-elected official. You should tell him hello. My husband is elected, also. Different role, same county.

  7. A wise man once told me: Falling short on a goal fit for gods raises mortal men to heroes.

    - Some Nick Denmon guy.

  8. Janice, done. Thanks! Matthew- using my own quotes against me! How can I argue?? Well played sir. Well played.