Tuesday, November 6, 2012

30,000 Views on My Blog

Milestone Alert: This blog has reached 30,000 views. Thanks for caring about my novels, my stupid stories (which I hope entertain at least a bit), and my thoughts on the world in general.

Today is the final day of voting for the Presidential Elections here in the states. I don't care who YOU vote for, but please vote. If you don't, please keep your mouth shut for the next four years because you had your chance.

Funny quote I heard today, the source is supposedly American Dad (since it IS election day here I might as well have a quote from a show that sounds patriotic in the title)-

Dad: "Son breaking into a vault is like making love to a woman."

Son: "Oh, so we pound on it for like two minutes?"

Ha! Have a great day everyone!

P.S.  I leave you with this video in case you had an question as to my vote pay special attention 7 seconds in: