Monday, November 12, 2012

Rick Astley, You Son of a Bitch

Had a nice weekend. Did the writer thing, had a few drinks with family and friends at my Dad's house, and entertained international guests of the British persuasion.

Update 1: NanWriMo - 12,000 words and working on the script for the TV pilot.

Update 2: Movember Stache Report - Really coming in nicely. Received comments at my Dad's gathering that I looked like a wildabeast. Fair enough.

So why title my blog after Rick Astley, he of the 1987 fame surrounding his hit, "Never Gonna Give You Up?" The British invasion didn't end with my friends, it ended with the party being Rick Rolled by this lovely fellow.

So this song:

Resulted in this happening:

Nuff said. Well done little brother. Well done.